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Berenice IZARD joins Rondor Music France in the 90’s, where she acquires experience in music publishing administration, first as a Copyright & Royalty Assistant, quickly evolving to the position of Copyright & Royalty Manager, which she puts in practice in Paris and briefly at the group head offices in Los Angeles. Her training at Rondor encompasses the fields of: copyright, royalty processing, income tracking and licensing /clearances.

She improves her knowledge of music publishing administration by joining EMI Music Publishing France, then Chrysalis Music France as Head of Administration. There, she sets up the Operation and Administration Departments of the newly established French subsidiary, before joining Chrysalis Group head offices in London as part of the Copyright Department, where she manages the Central Administration Unit. She is then approached by BMG Music Publishing France to fill the position of Director of Copyright Department. This position gives her the opportunity to extend her expertise to the administration of classical music and music library repertoires.

In 2008, she sets herself up as a free-lance under the trading name Berenice Consulting. In the meantime, she trains herself to become a professional trainer –aiming at conveying her knowledge of music publishing administration- together as a professional business consultant, for which she succeeds in getting the French equivalent to a Master degree (Titre I).

In 2011, in addition to her services as a Business Consultant expert in music publishing, Berenice IZARD establishes her own music publishing company, Seeds N’Harvest, setting as goals: optimising the royalty flow by providing top-notch income tracking and faster royalty accounting, developing synch licensing opportunities and committing herself to transparency.

She is also involved in various committees at the Chambre Syndicale de l’Edition Musicale (CSDEM – French equivalent to the MPA).

Business Partners

Chartered accountant / Statutory Auditor
17 boulevard Raspail – 75007 Paris
Tel. 33 (0)1 45 49 90 00

Le Sage program, an alternative to Counterpoint System, with tools specifically developed to handle SACEM processing.
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Law firm, specialised in Intellectual Property Right & ICT and Corporate & Labor Rights
11 rue Portalis – 75008 Paris
Tel. +33 (0)1 40 53 08 00

CSDEM (French equivalent to the MPA)
Chambre Syndicale de l’Edition Musicale
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Training for the attention of future Music Business Managers – Professional training in 2 years, offered in Paris, Montreal and Barcelona
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Specialist in Electronic Document Management (GED, EDM) with an expertise in music plublishing content.
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Consultancy Company
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Network of experts specialised in issues with strong technological, legal and operational components, answering the needs for expertise in international rights management, in the digital space.
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