My experience

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My experience

Whether in a personal or professional context, my individual support approach is based on the same passion: my interest in human beings, their growth and fulfillment and the conditions under which they develop.

I have therefore acquired the skills and competence required to meet a wide range of needs in various fields: first, as a career development specialist in the music sector (publisher, consultant and instructor) through my company Seeds n’Harvest; then, at the same time, during the last few years, as a certified reflexology therapist to help those who come to my consultations achieve wellbeing (both bodily and emotionally) and thus improve their quality of life.

I started out as a publisher in the 1990s and learnt the ropes in contact with Halit Uman, at Rondor Music France. As an employee in the music publishing industry for fifteen years, I developed expertise in the field of copyright management through contact with several major and independent structures, both in France (EMI Music Publishing, Chrysalis Music, BMG Publishing, Universal Music Publishing) and abroad (Rondor International (USA), Chrysalis Group (UK).

Based on this experience, I began freelancing as a music publisher, consultant and instructor in 2009 under the name of Berenice Consulting. I founded my company, Seeds n’Harvest, in 2011, to extend my business.

I have also trained as an instructor and have the equivalent of a Master’s Degree in expert consultancy.

My active engagement in various professional organisations stems from my wish to be an advocate and a vital force in the field.  I became involved in CSDEM very early on. For more than 20 years, I have been participating in the discussions, reflections and advances of our profession by sitting on various committees, including that of training (which I chaired in 2013-2015 and again in 2017-2019). From 2014 to 2020, my election to the Board of Directors of CSDEM showed the recognition of my peers in relation to my career and engagement in our profession.

In addition to my position of board member, I was appointed by the Board of Directors of Sacem to sit on the Professional Writers’ Training Committee from 2014 to 2018 and have represented CSDEM on the Afdas Music and Choreography Committee from 2014 to 2019.

Today, my main ambition is the same as it was at the outset: to contribute to the growth and development of the persons and companies I support by helping them to evolve in an optimum, reassuring environment.

My business partners

Chartered accountant / External auditor
17 boulevard Raspail – 75007 Paris
Tel. 33 1 45 49 90 00

Developer of Le Sage, which is a music publishing administration software
For more details : http://www.thefreecat.org/

Chambre Syndicale de l’Edition Musicale (French MPA)
More details here : http://www.csdem.org/

Website supplying lead sheets sales and deliveries
Seeds n’Harvest owned copyrights are available here : http://www.planetepartitions.com

Bérénice Izard - Seeds n'Harvest

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