Service provision

Tailored solutions for

music publishers and songwriters

Service provision

Whether you are

  • Music publishers with your writers and clients’ best interests at heart,
  • Songwriters who wish to improve your communication and relationship with French Societies, Sacem among others,

my know-how and my experience at the crossroads of the actors of the music industry in France and abroad, and my expertise in copyright and royalty process enable me to offer customized solutions to your needs.

I provide my savoir-faire based on an easy process as shown opposite.

Some examples of assignments

  • Advice and assistance in setting up French operations
  • Legal and technical guidance in administering all type of repertoires in France (all genres, including classical music)
  • Interface between publishers and Sacem regarding the set up of the catalogues they administer (current and future) …
  • Due diligence
  • Sacem royalty distributions (full catalogue or targeted audit)
  • Sacem suspense account …
  • How to… register songs/catalogues at Sacem
  • How to… track Sacem royalty statements
  • How to… music publishing administration in France
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